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Blog - Marina de Lagos

Art in Marina de Lagos 2016

On its 6th edition, the cultural event ART IN THE MARINA DE LAGOS will once again present art and music to the public, which give a new dimension to our everyday life.

Marina de Lagos Boat show

Marina de Lagos is hosting a new and used boat show, the Marina de Lagos Boat Show, on the 26th and 27th March 2016, Easter weekend

Boat Jumble

All set for another BOAT JUMBLE! Don't miss this excellent opportunity to sell and buy at good prices! March 9th, from 10:30.

Carnival dinghy race in Marina de Lagos

Marina de Lagos will host the first edition of a very original boat trace on Carnival Day. It is a rowing competition in dinghies, small pneumatic boats, maneuvered by the Marina’s guests.

Marina de Lagos Hosts The Bluewater ALgarve Regatta

The 5th Bluewater Algarve Regatta took place between the 14th and 16th September in the Bay of Lagos. Focusing primarily on cruise boats, the event is organised annually by Bluewater Algarve in partnership with Marina de Lagos.

Portuguese cooking lesson

Join our Portuguese cooking lesson, taking place at the Way Point restaurant on the 22nd November, starting at 11:00 a.m.

2010 Caravel Day

The Portuguese Caravel Day, one of the most successful events Marina de Lagos organises, will happen again this year, in the midst of the Lagos Discoveries Festival.

Works in shower rooms concluded

The replacement of all the cold water piping of both the shower rooms is now concluded. Unipipe type pipes were used, which consist of 5 layers of different materials...

Signalling Device Exercise 2010

On the 23rd March 2010, Marina de Lagos organised a signalling device exercise in Meia Praia, such as hand held flares, parachutes, rockets and smoke cans.

WAY POINT Take-Oup Christmas Dinner

For a special, hassle-free Christmas dinner, Way Point restaurant has prepared a special take-out menu and is taking orders, with deliveries on the 24th December.


Way Point's chef Manuel gave 2 Portuguese cooking classes, on the 12th and 13th November, and all available places were taken, making this another successful '9 Months, 9 Events' event.


The trips on the Boa Esperança caravel, first event of the 2009/2010 winter season took place on the 13th and 16th October.


A concert by the Summer Academy orchestra, within the 2nd String Orchestra Summer Academy, will take place next to pontoon J, on the 7th August, at 9 p.m.

Pump-out installed in Marina de Lagos

A pump-out system has been installed next to the Marina’s fuel pontoon, consequently expanding the quality of the facility and of the services provided.

“Textualidades” exhibition

Marina de Lagos has the pleasure to host the “Textualidades” exhibition, by Sofia Fortunato, at the Marina de Lagos gallery (Nucleo Gil Eanes, shop 5).

Christmas dinner 2008

The Marina de Lagos’ Christmas dinner took place on the 17th December, at the ‘Portal do Infante’ restaurant.

Nao Victoria in Lagos

Nao Victoria, a replica of an Andalusian 16th century vessel, will be moored at Marina de Lagos between the 16th and the 24th November 2008.

2008 MSF-BIG Golf Tournament

The Amendoeira Golf Resort, in Silves, hosted a golf tournament organised by MSF and BIG in Oceânico Faldo and O’Connor golf courses, during the first weekend of October.

Nauticampo 2008

Marina de Lagos was represented at the Lisbon Boat Show, the Nauticampo 2008, from the 9th to the 17th February.

Signalling Device Exercise

On the 24th January, Marina de Lagos, with the support of the local Maritime Police, organised a signalling device exercise in Meia Praia, such as hand held flares and rockets.

Visit to Monte da Casteleja

The visit to Monte da Casteleja, a local wine producer, located in Sargaçal, only 5 minutes driving from the Marina, took place on the 8th november.

Way Point Restaurant

Way Point restaurant was opened last Saturday, the 16th June, with the presence of Marlagos’ staff.

Carnival parade and regatta

Despite the poor weather conditions, with lots of clouds, some showers and little wind, the Carnival Parade and Regatta took place on the 19th February, with the support of South Bar in Marina de Lagos.

Nauticampo 2007

Marina de Lagos is represented at the Lisbon Boat Show, the Nauticampo 2007, from the 10th to the 18th February.

Wine Tasting Evening

The ‘9 months, 9 events’ programme continues, now with the wine tasting evening, that happened on the 15th February.

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