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Portugal 2020
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Sailing Academy

Marina de Lagos Sailing Academy is the official Marina de Lagos academy responsible for the training and practice of both national and international sailing teams and leisure boaters. 

The Marina de Lagos Sailing Academy will be maned by Just Discover, a local company specialized in the promotion and development of nautical activities, and focused on the sports and leisure sailing.

Marina de Lagos Sailing Academy’s activity will be based on the development of training, practice and competition programmes, in fleet and match racing, and also corporate events and local school sport.

The Marina de Lagos Sailing Academy will operate a fleet of 8 boats (four Cork 1720, two V1 Lutra 30, one Capelli Tempest 690 rib (150 hp) and one Vailant 750 rib (250 hp)). This fleet will be completed by sailing yachts and updated and renewed when necessary to ensure the high standards of quality Marina de Lagos has accustomed its clients to.

The Marina de Lagos Sailing Academy will promote the sailing sport in the Algarve and specifically in Lagos, aiming to increase and improve the interaction with the public on the events it will organize.

Marina de Lagos’ guests will also enjoy special conditions for the use and rental of academy’s boats, for the hiring of instructors or skippers for sea trials.