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Portugal 2020
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Art Academy
Marina de Lagos

The project was created by the artist Kasia Wrona and Roger Green in 2011 and it offers many ways to develop people's artistic abilities in the cultural corner of Algarve, bringing together professional artists and beginners who come here from different parts of the world, as well as residents of the Algarve. They participate in classes, sharing their experiences and learning new artistic possibilities here. Beautiful location of Marina de Lagos attracts and inspires everybody.

Currently there are weekly drawing classes with life models for beginners and professional artists, organized by Kasia Wrona, who says: "Drawing is the foundation of all other disciplines of art. It is, therefore, an important part of artistic development. You are unable to learn it once forever. You must practise it constantly in order to train your hand, your mind and imagination".

There is a permanently moving group of students, joining the sessions during variable periods. There is always a vibrant flow of possibilities, experiences and nationalities. The art academy is a very open project, including activities for children. All these actions involve a great support of the main sponsor and protector of the project- Marina de Lagos - as well other occasional patrons like the Embassy of the Polish Republic in Portugal. 

The academy's work and events are immortalized in the pictures on Art Academy Marina de Lagos' Facebook page - www.facebook.com/lagosartacademy.

Art in the Marina de Lagos 2022 poster


Art in the Marina de Lagos 2021 poster



Opening April 2018

We are very grateful again to the Marina de Lagos for their ongoing support for organizing next cultural event.

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Artistic Director: KASIA WRONA