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Where we Are

Marina de Lagos

Algarve, Portugal

LAGOS 37º06’N/8º40’W

Marina Plan


Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Pilotage and access

Speed restriction in the access channel and marina is 3 knots.


Ponta da Piedade lighthouse 37º04’8N/8º40’.1W (FL 7s 56m 20M), yellow light house tower, conspicuous 2 palm trees either side.

Lagos is 1.5 miles North of Ponta da Piedade, 17 miles East of Cape St. Vincent and 7 miles West of Portimão.

Harbour entrance

  • Two harbour moles which are lit.
  • West mole 37º05’8N/8º39´9W
  • White tower red bands, Fl(2) R.6s 5,5M
  • East mole 37º05’8N/8º39’.9W
  • White tower green bands, Fl(2) G.6s 6,5M

Entrance course

East mole head and Church of Santo António tower 282º is a good transit.

Harbour entrance dredged to -3,0 m at LWS (please refer to official navigation notices to confirm).

Follow channel up to marina waiting pontoon to starboard, immediately before the metal bridge. 

Getting there by land

Lagos is accessible by train or road. The Lagos railway station is adjacent to the Marina and the bus station is just across the lifting bridge. Faro International Airport is just a 50 minutes drive on motorway. Lisbon is a 2 hours and 30 minutes drive to the North. Car hire and transfers can be arranged from the Reception.

Sailing and beaches

Lagos bay is probably one of the best sailing spots in Europe: 6 Km of sandy beach, with northerly winds in the summer, making sailing in calm crystal waters a pleasure. Many sandy bays are also good for anchoring, diving, fishing and swimming. 


In the period May - August the prevailing winds are N/NW, sometimes reaching 20-30 knots in the afternoon but with negligible swell. Nights are normally calm.


Water temperature can reach 23º/24ºC in the summer and waves are normally less than 1 meter high. 


In summer, day time temperatures can reach 28º/30ºC and 18º/20ºC at night. The number of rainy days is less than one during the summer.

During the winter, maximum temperatures range from 13 to 19ºC. The risk of winds over force 8 Beaufort is 1% in summer and 9% in January, probably the lowest percentages in Europe. 


Near Lagos we recommend Alvor, the stretch between the harbour entrance and Ponta da Piedade, and around Burgau. They are quite safe and good bars and restaurants can be found ashore.

Useful telephone numbers

Portugal code +351
Marina Reception 282 770 210
European Emergency number 112
Maritime Search and Rescue (MRCC Lisboa) 214 401 919
Maritime Rescue Institute 282 461 406
Lagos Fire Brigade 282 770 790
Maritime Police 282 767 983
916 613 499 (24 hours)
Lagos Port Captain Office 282 769 161
Luzdoc Private Clinic 282 780 700
919 869 700 (emergencies)
Lagos Hospital 282 770 100
Marina Club Lagos Resort 282 790 600
Lagos Sailing Club 282 762 256
Municipal Police 282 780 240
Faro Airport 289 800 800
Taxis 282 763 587
Tourism Information 282 763 031
Lagos Town Hall 282 771 700
Palmares Golf 282 762 953
Lagos Aerodrome 282 762 906
International Automobile Race Track 282 420 710

English 282 417 800
Dutch 282 820 903
German 282 803 148
French 213 814 050
Spanish 213 220 500
U.S.A. 217 273 300