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Portugal 2020
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ZANY - Kids Club

All you need in just one place!

Baby sitting, cafe, playground & kids club.

Find us at Marina de Lagos next to pontoon J.

+351 916 793 318


 ZANY on Facebook

Let me tell you a little bit about Zany’s story. I am Sofia, psychologist, mother, carer. All my life - well, at least since I remember - I’ve been surrounded by children. I was the oldest sister, the oldest cousin, the oldest aunt. Family’s baby sitter, as you can imagine. I decided to join the university and have a degree in Psychology so I could help more children around me. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years!

Clinically, tutoring, doing kids clubs and baby sitting and being a mum, a cousin, an aunt... Never stopping for 20 years!

Now I’ve decided to set up a team and help more people. Tourists on holidays that need a break. Residents that also need a break. Mums that are full time mums but still need a life now and then.

Create a nurturing, safe and fun space for children: from babies to older children. Create programs that help their development. Curiosity. Imagination. Social skills. From one hour to a full day. Zany’s team is here to help. Highly trained and with lots of experience, but most of all full of love to give to the children that visit us.

So now that you know our story, get to know our team and the activities we do, and pop in for a visit!

Meet the Team



Animadora Cultural

5 senses program

Baby Sitter

Baby Sitter

Baby Sitter



+351 916 793 318


ZANY on Facebook