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Portugal 2020
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Departure of rowing boat to Brazil in February

On the 24th February, at 3 p.m., the Paraguaçu a rowing boat of 7,2 meters, skippered by José Tavares, departs officially from Marina de Lagos. José will row solitaire and in complete autonomy via Morocco, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Fernando Noronha / Brazil (Natal), for almost 5.000 km of ocean. José is the first Portuguese person to attempt this in solitaire.

The crossing is expected to take 120 days, with arrival in Natal at the end of June.

The depart from Marina de Lagos is one of the major moments of the Paraguaçu – Atlantic Crossing project, that follows the route of the Portuguese Navigators. The boat will then leave for Morocco, and set out from Cape Bojador on the 28th of February.

More information: paraguacu2012.blogspot.com



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