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Portugal 2020
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Enviromental Code of Conduct

Read this important information and contribute to improving environmental quality, safety, educating the youngest and participating in the preservation of natural resources.


• Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from other people.
• Use a protection mask.
• Wash hands regularly with water and soap, for at least 20 seconds.
• Cough/sneeze to inner elbow or disposable tissue.
• Stay home if you have a fever or a cough.
• In case of suspicion, call SNS 24 – 808 24 24 24


There are specific containers to dispose of toxic waste, such as used oil and batteries. This kind of residue must only be placed in the appropriate containers, thus being collected by competent organizations and conveniently treated.


Blue containers located on each end of the commercial building. While pouring into the container, please use full attention to avoid overflow and contamination of the surrounding area.

The containers are emptied regularly; however, if they are noticed to be full, Marina de Lagos’ staff should be informed.


Container located in the laundry, on the SE corner of the commercial building. Used batteries must not be disposed of in normal garbage as there is the risk of contamination by highly toxic non-biodegradable metal elements, such as cadmium, lead and mercury.


Do not throw any kind of waste to the floor. Use paper bins and garbage containers.

Garbage containers are located to the rear of the commercial building, in front of Marina Club Lagos Resort and around the external perimeter of the marina. All domestic waste should be separated according to available types of recycling receptacles.

Instructions on prohibited materials are displayed on site.


Receptacles located to the rear of the commercial building and in front of Marina Club Lagos Resort . Bottles, jars and other containers should be rinsed and be disposed of without corks, lids or other non-glass parts.


Containers located to the rear of the commercial buildingin and in front of Marina Club Lagos Resort. No plastified or dirty material. Boxes must be flattened to save space.


Containers located to the rear of the commercial building and in front of Marina Club Lagos Resort. Material should be clean.


If the last leg of your journey to Marina de Lagos started in a country out of the European Union, you must deposit your international catering waste in the container located behind the reception.

For additional information, read the specific leaflet, available at the reception.


Containers located to the rear of the commercial building, in front of Marina Club Lagos Resort and north entrance of the Marina. Garbage must be placed in sealed, strong plastic bags, avoiding smells and dirtiness. Container lids must be kept closed.

Never leave garbage on the pontoons. Avoid unpleasant smell, dirtiness and attracting seagulls and other animals. There is also the risk of polluting the ocean if the waste falls into the water.


A fundamental obligation of animal owners is to clean their stools from public paths, not only because they harm the cleanliness of the area, but also because they can lead to serious illnesses. There are specific receptacles and bag dispensers for animal stools on the marina’s watefront. Act mindfully.


It is forbidden to throw waste and sewage waters into the Marina, its accesses or the ocean, according to article 6, n.1, b) of the Marina de Lagos’ regulation,

The Marina offers a pump-out station for black waters, available 24/7, operated with free tokens available from Reception.

Washing holding tanks in the Marina is not authorised, according to article 6, n.1, b) of the Marina de Lagos’ regulation. The pump out facility must be used to perform this action.


Em todas as lavagens a bordo (cozinha, WC, roupa, casco, convés) deverão ser usados apenas produtos biodegradáveis, sem impacto para o meio ambiente, como, por exemplo produtos Starbrite ou EU Ecolabel, disponíveis em supermercados.

All washing on board  (galley, WC, clothes, deck and hull) must be made using only environmentally friendly, biodegradable, products, with no impact on the environment, such as Starbrite or EU Ecolabel products, available in supermarkets.

The use of a minimal amount of cleaning product is encouraged; while saving product, you also reduce the amount that falls into the water.

While you clean your boat please keep in mind that water is a scarce resource and that we all must preserve it. Keep the tap open for only the strictly necessary time.

Repairs or other works on board that make use of polluting products cannot be done at the berth, as there is the risk of contaminating the water and consequent effect on marine species (article 6, n.1, h) of the Marina de Lagos’ regulation).


Some areas close to Marina de Lagos are considered environmentally sensitive:

  • The Lagos wetland is a wet zone on the entrance of the town limit. Several studies to analyse the environmental value of the area are under way, with the aim of turning it into an environmental education devoted area.
  • The Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina covers the coastal stretch between S. Torpes and Burgau. Many environmentalists consider this natural park to be the most beautiful part of Portugal due to its valuable natural features.
  • The Alvor lagoon is located on the bay of Lagos, between Lagos and Portimão, and part of the two councils. For the past 20 years its natural treasures have been discovered, whereas in other places they are being lost. The lagoon is intensively visited by motor crafts that disturb the ecosystem, therefore, take care not to derange living species, and avoid anchoring, getting close to the shore, making noise, etc.

All these areas can be visited, but always remember that they are environmentally delicate and should be treated accordingly.


General procedures:

  • It is forbidden to make open fires or any pyrotechnical signal in the marina
  • Whilst in the marina it is not allowed to bathe, swim, practice any nautical sports or engage in fishing of any type.
  • It is forbidden to engage in any activities which cause strong odours.
  • Flammable materials and residue must be stored in ventilated places, away from heat and inflammation sources.
  • First aid kits are located in the North corridor of the commercial building (24/7), marina reception, maintenance workshop, shop 6 of Núcleo Gil Eanes and Marina Club’s reception.
  • Emergency ladders are located at the end and middle of pontoons and installed on the pontoon pillars identified with a pictogram and orange cap.
  • Lifebuoys are located on the pontoons, next to the fire extinguishers.
  • Ensure that there is free access to all safety and firefighting equipment and emergency exits. All the safety equipments are shown in the corresponding plan.

For more information about safety, contact the head of operations, Carlos Silva, tel. +351 282 770 210 or mobile +351 961 678 985. For more information in general, consult the Marina de Lagos Regulation of Operations.

In case of fire:

  • There are alarm buttons on every pontoon, on the red fire extinguisher cabinets. The alarm button activates an alarm siren and light at the base of each gangway.
  • There is an emergency telephone at the base of each gangway, from where you can reach the Reception, the Fire Brigade and 112 (European emergency number). If you need other type of assistance, contact the security guard through VHF 09 or mobile no. +351 919 560 743.
  • The water network for fighting fire is constituted by fire hydrants at each gate. The hoses are kept in the maintenance workshop, in the North corridor of the commercial building. There are hose reels in all the corridors of the commercial building.
  • The fire extinguishers are placed in red cabinets with easy access, along the all the pontoons and in the corridors of the commercial building.
  • The marina hasa working boat and a motor pump that must be used in case of fire in a boat.

Fuel pontoon procedures:

  • If the fuel pontoon is closed, go to the Marina de Lagos reception or call +351 282 770 210.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • It is forbidden to make open fires or any pyrotechnical signal in the marina.
  • Engines must be switched off.
  • Do not try to operate the pumps without the presence of marina staff.
  • Do not fill the tanks to the limit, to avoid disgorging or overflowing.
  • The operator of the fuel pontoon must ensure the tidiness and cleanliness of the pump house and pontoon, guaranteeing that there is no waste or dirtiness.

If you identify any situation that jeopardizes the safety in the marina, please inform any Marina de Lagos staff member or the Securitas security guards.



MARINA GUARD ON DUTY (1st contact in case of emergency) VHF 09

+351 919 560 743

FIRE DEPARTMENT: +351 282 770 790*

LAGOS PUBLIC HOSPITAL: +351 282 770 100*

LUZDOC – PRIVATE CLINIC - 24/7: +351 917 811 988

MARITIME POLICE: +351 916 613 499

POLICE: +351 282 762 930

* Direct contact to these entities is available using the emergency telephone at the base of the gangways.

Environmental Guide 
for Boaters